Should the Culture War be important to Objectivists?教育阿特拉斯大學
Should the Culture War be important to Objectivists?

Should the Culture War be important to Objectivists?

March 12, 2024

Question: Should the Culture War be important to Objectivists?

Answer: I think, absolutely important!

One reason is that part of Objectivism is an advocacy of limited government. That then is to say that we think that most of the work and activity in the creation of value will happen outside of the political sphere. But that’s exactly where culture matters. The role for Objectivism is to live the most flourishing life one can, and to a large extent that depends only on oneself. But a lot of the values we seek are done in a social context; with friends, in recreation activities, in business and so forth, and so therefore, the kind of people that make up much of one’s cultural surroundings are going to be hugely impactful on the quality of one’s own life.

If you live in a culture that is free but everybody is irrational, or everybody is adversarial and mistrusting, than one’s quality of life, so culture matters.

Stephen Hicks Ph.D.
About the author:
Stephen Hicks Ph.D.

Stephen R. C. Hicks is a Senior Scholar for The Atlas Society and Professor of Philosophy at Rockford University. He is also the Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Rockford University.

他是《推理的藝術:邏輯分析讀物》(W. W. Norton & Co.,1998)、《解釋後現代主義:從盧梭到福柯的懷疑主義和社會主義》(Scholargy,2004)、《尼采與納粹》(奧卡姆剃刀,2010)、《創業生活》(CEEF,2016)、《自由主義的利弊》(康納·考特,2020)、《藝術:現代、後現代和超越》(與邁克爾·紐伯里合著,2021)和《八大教育哲學》的作者 (2022). 他曾在《商業道德季刊》、《形而上學評論》和《華爾街日報》上發表文章。他的著作已被翻譯成20種語言。




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